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Is Your Landing Page Leading To Wasted Ad Spend?

Our 38-Point PPC Landing Page Checklist Will Help You Increase Your Lead Volume & Lower Your Cost Per Lead  Without Spending More On Ads

A Bad Landing Page Can Lower
Conversion Rates By As Much As 50%

Where you send your ad traffic is just as important as the ads themselves. A poorly constructed landing page will result in a visitor black hole; they’ll hit the page (after you’ve paid for the click), and just disappear.

Think about when you make a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice by hand as opposed to with a squeezer. The same orange, but a lot more juice.

Our 38-point checklist will cover everything from the way your page should be designed, what content it should have, how to build trust with your audience, and the technical things you should watch out for.

Getting your landing page right can be an immediate path to more leads and a lowered lead-cost, all without increasing your budget.

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